A new website for CODPRO USA

A new website for CODPRO USA


CODIPRO USA, which has become CODIPRO’s exclusive partner in the United States in 2019, just launched its brand new website www.codipro-usa.com.

Having a website is crucial for a company these days. “It is a strong plus for CODIPRO USA as a way to promote the brand and show what CODIPRO USA has to offer now with this US-based office “, says Benoît Cop, President of S for Safety Inc., in charge of CODIPRO USA development.

Furthermore, the new website has been developed in-house and will be a useful tool for the clients. They will find all the information they need about CODIPRO USA‘s swivel hoist rings, its custom-made products and how to get in touch with them. “Only 2 or 3 days after launching the website, we already received the first requests via our contact form. This proves that there is a real interest in our products and we will continue to develop the market in the USA in the future“, he says.

CODIPRO USA also just launched its new LinkedIn page, updated with the latest news about the company and its products. To be present on social media is also a crucial aspect for developing a business and creating a useful link to the company’s website.