CODIPRO presents its new corporate video

CODIPRO presents its new corporate video


After the launch of the new GRADUP range of products, CODIPRO is pleased to present its new corporate video!

One of the objectives was to showcase all of the employees who contribute each day to CODIPRO’s success. “Our EXPERT partners are in regular contact with the external sales force. But we also wanted them to know that there is a dedicated and energetic team at work behind the scenes,” Manager Christophe Losange explained.

An updated version

Dynamic and fairly short, CODIPRO preferred a video that would be easy to watch from anywhere (at home, at work, or at a trade show, and even while using public transport, etc.).

Currently, there are fewer people who have the opportunity to watch a video with sound. This is why we opted for a video with catchy captions, instead of the voice-over feature,” said Christophe Losange.

Don’t delay, act now to discover our new video!