1800 rings were tested to certify the new product range

1800 rings were tested to certify the new product range


As creator, designer, and manufacturer of high-quality swivel lifting rings, CODIPRO aims to give its customers the best advice with regard to lifting and to develop customized solutions with together them to ensure the safety of goods and people. All CODIPRO’s lifting rings are certified.

Indeed, the new swivel lifting rings from the GRADUP range are manufactured in line with the EN 1677-1 standard and even go beyond it in many aspects. This means they comply with essential safety requirements and regularly undergo very strict inspections.

We had to have all the rings of our new range certified. This is a total of 1800 rings tried and tested,” explains Steve Henricot, CODIPRO’s Workshop Coordinator.

Thus, to guarantee your safety, various kinds of tests have to be performed to control the resistance and quality of the swivel lifting rings:

  • Breaking test
  • Proof load test at 2.5 x WLL
  • Fatigue test: pull/release test on a series of 20.000 cycles at 1.5 x WLL

All CODIPRO standard lifting rings are tested in accordance with standard EN 1677-1. “When we receive an order for a special ring, we perform approval testing specific to that ring! CODIPRO is equipped with a tensile test bench that makes it possible to perform in-house testing up to 80 tons. The tests are then validated by an external certification body,” explains Steve Henricot.

All rings manufactured by CODIPRO are certified and delivered with instruction manuals and certificate of compliance.