Customised lifting rings

Customised lifting rings


CODIPRO is a specialist in customised lifting rings. The company adapts to the needs of its customers providing specific bolt lengths, threads, spacers, customised lifting rings and other bespoke requests. Take a look at these two practical examples.

Here is the first example, with a specific lifting ring for a company operating in the aeronautics industry. For lifting to be carried out safely, the ring must be in full contact with the surface of the load being lifted. This swivel ring is used to lift loads with a thread that is not perpendicular to the ring’s bearing surface.

Our second example: CODIPRO regularly makes lifting rings, like the ones pictured here, for a company based in England. This lifting ring is an excellent example of CODIPRO’s tailor-made service, as this product alone includes several special features:

  • Customised bolt length
  • Double centring, enabling it to fit perfectly into a drill hole
  • Spacer, providing distance from the part being handled
  • A thick nut that is standardised and tested for crack resistance
  • Zinc plating on all individual components except the shackle
  • Drilling at the bolt end

In addition to these special services, CODIPRO guarantees a very short production turnaround (maximum one week) starting from a single part and delivered with a Certificate of Compliance.

CODIPRO: customised bolt length

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