A quality distribution network

CODIPRO supplies its swivel lifting rings via a network of distributors

Our carefullt chosen parters can offer a large range of lifting accessories to you. We demand from our partners to be dynamic, reliable and efficient.

We offer them regularly technical trainings, so that they can advise you at the best for any type of lifting.


EXPERT’S Charter

CODIPRO has decided to support its loyal distributors to help them to increase their sales.

CODIPRO is taking out this innovative approach whilst respecting its values: honesty, professionalism and transparency.

Henceforth classified as EXPERTS, CODIPRO’s distributors have the benefit of support, the content of which is described in the “Codipro’s Expert’s Charter”. The privileges reserved for EXPERT distributors will allow them to differentiate themselves on the highly competitive market of articulated lifting rings.

By uniting via a letter of undertaking, CODIPRO and its EXPERTS further reinforce their links and contribute to their growth and their prosperity.

CODIPRO: Training center

Training center

The lifting profession is becoming increasingly regulated, affecting the choice, verification, conditions of use, and maintenance of equipment, as well as staff training.

Since it is only possible to explain something well with proper knowledge, CODIPRO provides its partners/experts with different types of trainings based on individual needs.

CODIPRO offers trainings for EXPERTS and for end users. Trinings supports, provided by personnel who are experienced in lifting techniques, are available in 6 languages.

For more informations about trainings, please contact Benoît COP (training manager)


CODIPRO: certification


As creator, designer and producer of high quality safety swivel lifting rings, CODIPRO wants to give its clients the best advice and develop with them customized solutions to ensure the safety of both goods and people.

Why an approval?

When is an approval necessary ?

How is a specific order processed ?

How exactly is the approval carried out ?

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Photos / plans

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CODPRO: video


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CODIPRO: hoist ring

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