Every year, on 26 April, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. The intellectual property system aims to create an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish.

As well as copyright, intellectual property encompasses another element: industrial property (patents, trademarks, drawings, industrial designs etc.), a subject that is close to the heart of CODIPRO, a member of the ALIPA Group.

The group has taken an active approach to intellectual property, for a number of reasons: to protect itself, to avoid being imitated, and to highlight its own expertise. We are an international group, which exposes us to a greater risk of imitation. “As soon as we find a name, if it is available, we register it. Intellectual property has benefits for customers, as well. They can be sure that they are buying a high-quality, protected product that has not been copied”, says Michèle Detaille, Managing Director of the group.

Within the ALIPA Group, CODIPRO is undoubtedly the company that registers the most trademarks, patents, designs etc. The swivel lifting ring specialist holds around fifty of these in total.

“Intellectual property forms an integral part of the ALIPA Group’s corporate culture. All members of staff are trained and aware of the subject, whether that involves maintaining confidentiality, helping to safeguard our expertise or taking part in innovation. It is a matter of respecting our company’s intellectual property, but also that of our customers,” says Christophe Losange, Director of CODIPRO.

Research and development are part of the ALIPA Group’s DNA. CODIPRO, and also NO-NAIL BOXES and STAS-LIFTEUROP, two other companies in the group, have set up an effective internal structure for achieving their innovation-related goals. In each of the three companies, an innovation unit holds regular meetings.

Innovation and intellectual property are closely linked, in the sense that when new products are developed, they must be protected. Intellectual property rights encourage innovation and creativity