Interview with Pauline Piron, Marketing Coordinator

Interview with Pauline Piron, Marketing Coordinator


CODIPRO took advantage of the launch of the new GRADUP product range to fully update its visual identity and its graphic charter. We talked with CODIPRO’s Marketing Coordinator, Pauline Piron, to discover the wide range of media available to represent CODIPRO and the GRADUP range.

Could you explain how CODIPRO’s marketing is innovative for the industrial sector?

Pauline Piron: “We now have a wide array of media: a new technical catalogue, a new commercial brochure, 3D drawings of our rings, new roll-up banners for trade shows, Prezi presentations for training…I could go on! In the industrial sector and with our competitors, it is rare to find a company with such developed marketing.

Is CODIPRO going a step further in the digital realm?

P.P.: “Yes, in addition to all of this, we have developed a virtual reality app and a 3D video dedicated to GRADUP innovation. We have also just launched a new version of our website On this website, we have cast a spotlight on our advanced search system and a specific area for CODIPRO distributors, whom we call EXPERTS. Our partners have privileged access to various information on availability and stock level, pictures, etc.

Describe the new visual identity.

P.P.: “The whole visual identity is based on promoting our new product range, the GRADUP product range. There is even a new logo dedicated to it. We have also changed the CODIPRO logo. It is now in three colours with a clearly visible ring. We are now working more with shades of grey. The overall design of the medium is more refined and more up-to-date. This is the fruit of considerable precision work on the content. Now, every word is relevant.

We also use a system of pictograms to describe the advantages of CODIPRO rings. Together with a legend, this allows us to reduce the technical content to a few words and thus have better-organised page layouts.

How do you get this kind of result?

P.P.: “From a marketing perspective, this is the fruit of over a year’s work. We worked in close collaboration with the sales department and we took into consideration our customers’ comments on our former media. 

We also had to revise our communication strategy! We wanted to stay faithful to our brand image on the market and to CODIPRO’s values. So we kept our slogan: ‘Our Quality=Your Safety’. Our strategy is now more focused on the product, highlighting the company’s human side. Every department is important!

Are there other projects under way in your department?

P.P.: “Oh yes, there are plenty of projects! For CODIPRO, we are currently creating a corporate video that will come out sometime next year. There is also another project under way, but I can’t say more about that for now. Then we will have to manage the marketing for all the companies in the ALIPA Group.