Our first qualified CODIMASTERS

Our first qualified CODIMASTERS


The 2019 EXPERT CHARTER grants each EXPERT the benefit of appointing their own CODIMASTER. In 2019, several CODIMASTERS completed their training. After receiving specialist training, a CODIMASTER is regarded as the CODIPRO brand ambassador for the EXPERT.

First, the CODIMASTER completes a day of training in our offices in Wiltz. This day includes theoretical training as well as lifting ring production, testing and inspection processes.

CODIMASTER is regarded as the CODIPRO brand ambassador

The CODIMASTER benefits from access to technical files, support from the Business Developer, the latest information, the chance to test and inspect lifting rings on behalf of CODIPRO and a CODIMASTER-BOX.

How does one become a CODIMASTER?

The employee must work for an EXPERT company at a Platinum+, Platinum or Gold+ level and complete the CODIMASTER training mentioned above. The CODIMASTER then receives a renewable certificate that is valid for three years. Interested? Please contact your usual technical sales adviser directly.

Personally, it was an honor to be the first CODIMASTER to be trained by CODIPRO. I have been attending 2 very interesting training days during which one I learnt lots of new information about CODIPRO swivel lifting rings. Now I can pass on this specific knowledge to our customers on behalf of Siegener Seilwerk

Stefan Rath

Siegener Seilwerk

The CODIMASTER training is a high level service. It was entertaining, effective and practical. You get to know all the useful information to be able to grant the best possible advice on a customer’s lifting issue.

Admir Osimic