Presentation of the GRADUP product range

Presentation of the GRADUP product range


The GRADUP product range was specially developed based on the market and its trends. This new range is a major improvement on our products, particularly in the quality of the materials.

With the collaboration of international research centres, CODIPRO’s research department selected the highest-grade steels for the best compromise between elastic resistance, tensile strength, and fatigue resistance. Each component of the GRADUP swivel lifting ring system has been rethought. The outer dimensions, the methods of fastening and the openings are compatible with the CODIPRO lifting points already available on the market.

Grade 6, 8, 10, 12… Why GRADUP?

Steel quality is the most important feature of a swivel lifting ring. In the world of lifting, it is common to speak in terms of steel class or “grade”. This grade is the most optimal for a chain because the diameter of the chain combined with the material grade provides the lifting capacity.

However, these past few years competition has escalated between manufacturers as to who can offer the highest grade. Even lifting rings of grade 10, 12, 14, etc. have appeared on the market. These designations are not relevant for a multi-component lifting accessory like a swivel lifting ring. Each element is subjected to different constraints. To provide maximum resistance, each part must be developed with an optimised material and design with regard to its function in the accessory as a whole.

This is why CODIPRO wishes to distance itself from this escalation which is almost solely based on marketing arguments. By creating the GRADUP brand, CODIPRO is offering breakthrough innovation.

When to use GRADUP?

Always and everywhere in a traditional industrial environment: the swivel lifting rings in the GRADUP range are designed for a temperature range from -20°C to +200°C (-4°F to +392°F). Instruction manuals in 15 languages specifically describe how to use them.

For extreme uses like offshore, very low or very high temperatures, etc., CODIPRO’s research engineers are available to explain in detail the composition of our rings: resilience, chemical composition, mechanical resistance, elastic resistance, etc.