Swivel lifting ring TSR U 150


The triple swivel ring TSR U 150 allows the hook to move parallel to the bearing face of the lifting ring drawn at 90°. Its triple articulation allows it to be perfectly in line with the sling.

The TSR U 150 lifting ring has a safety coefficient of 5, which means that the breaking load is 5 times higher than the WLL (Working Load Limit). Because it has a safety coefficient of 5, it can also be used on every continent.

To ensure the user’s safety, several types of tests must be performed to check the resistance and quality of the TSR U 150 ring, including tensile strength at break, traction tests with a load of WLL x 2.5 and fatigue tests. In addition, CODIPRO is equipped with a traction bench which allows performing in-house tests up to 80 t. The tests are then validated by an external certification organism.

In 2020, CODIPRO entered a new digital era with the launch of the CODITRACER, our new traceability tool that ensures the traceability of the lifting ring in each step of its way: in the production of the raw material, in the assembly of the ring, in its distribution and in its use.

Each TSR U 150 lifting ring has an individual traceability number. This number simply has to be entered into the tool to access all information related to the rings, such as the instruction manuals, technical data sheets or the certificates of conformity.

Thanks to its design office, CODIPRO is able to design custom-made lifting rings to meet specific needs.

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