Swivel lifting ring DSH U 038


The double swivel hook DSH U 038 combines a swivel lifting ring and a hook in one piece. The hook lifting ring DSH U 038 is equipped with a self-locking latch for maximum safety. The universal safety hook DSH U 038 is compatible with all fastening systems: textile slings, chains, cables, lugs… Hooking is done quickly and is compatible with any type of strand.

Each DSH U 038 lifting ring has an individual traceability number. Simply enter this number in the CODITRACER traceability tool to have access to all the information related to the ring (instruction manual, technical data sheet, certificate of conformity, etc.).

CODITRACER is a tool that allows:

  • The traceability of the components:
    CODIPRO rings comply with the safety requirements of the industrial standard EN1677-1 and are subject to very strict regular controls. To ensure the traceability of its products, CODIPRO has set up since 2008 an individual marking of each of its rings.
  • The traceability of important documents:
    CODIPRO lifting rings must conform with the European directive 2006/42/CE relating to machines. A declaration of conformity and an instruction manual must accompany each delivery. The manufacturer must be clearly identified.
  • The authentication of the products:
    • the traceability of the products is reliable and forgery-proof
    • the original character of the products is guaranteed
  • Accessibility of documents:
    the documents that accompany the lifting rings are accessible to everyone, at all times.
  • Reduction of the environmental footprint
    with better management of documentation and packaging

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