Swivel lifting ring DSP M 8


The double swivel lifting point DSP M 8 offers the possibility of adapting other lifting accessories: passage of a rope or cable, placement of a ring with a large eye for the use of hooks disproportionate to the lifting ring. Its double swivel design allows it to be perfectly in line with the sling.

To ensure the user’s safety, several types of tests must be performed to check the resistance and quality of the DSP M 8 ring, including tensile strength at break, traction tests with a load of WLL x 2.5 and fatigue tests. In addition, CODIPRO is equipped with a traction bench allowing to perform in-house tests up to 80 t. The tests are then validated by an external certification organism.

In order to digitalize the process of tracing and management of the follow-up of the rings throughout their life cycle, to increase the speed of the treatment of the requests and to dematerialize the documentation, CODIPRO proposes a management and traceability tool: CODITRACER.

CODITRACER ensures the traceability of the ring in each step of its way: in the production of the raw material, in the assembly of the ring, in its distribution and in its use.

Always attentive to the market and the latest trends, the design office is constantly working on enhancements and the extension of its range of lifting accessories to respond as good as possible to customer requests. It responds to specific technical requests and also develops and ensures compliance with the standards and regulations in force.

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