Swivel lifting ring DSR M 5 UP


The double swivel ring DSR M 5 UP is specially designed for liftings with rotating loads. Its double articulation allows it to be perfectly in line with the sling.

The lifting ring DSR M 5 UP is made of a lifting ring in GRADUP steel, a guarantee of the high quality of the material. In order to guarantee the safety of the user, it is subjected to a series of very strict controls:

  • Breaking tests
  • Proof test load at WLL x 2.5
  • Fatigue test

It has a safety coefficient of 4 and 5, which means that the breaking load is 4 or 5 times higher than the WLL (Working Load Limit). Thanks to the safety coefficient 5, it can be used worldwide without any restrictions.

The documents relating to the ring, such as the instruction manual and the certificate of conformity, are available via the management and traceability tool CODITRACER. The CODITRACER ensures the traceability of the DSR M 5 UP lifting rings in each step of their way: at the production of the raw material, during assembly, its distribution and its use. Via this application, the user can also request a 7-year-warranty.

CODIPRO’s swivel lifting rings comply with the “Machinery Directive”. They comply with the strictest standards, including EN1677-1 and are manufactured according to an ISO 9001 certified process.

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