Swivel lifting ring DSS U 200 UP


The universal swivel lifting ring DSS U 200 UP has been especially designed for lifting and turning heavy loads. Its double articulation allows it to be perfectly in line with the sling. The lifting ring DSS U 200 UP also has a very wide shackle opening.

CODIPRO offers rings certified and engraved with the safety coefficient 5, which allows them to be used all over the world, including North America. In addition, the company provides all the information to the users in order for them to be used with a safety coefficient 4 as defined in the EN 1677-1 standard.

The DSS U 200 UP lifting ring is part of the GRADUP range, which guarantees the high quality of the material. In a multi-component swivel lifting ring, each element is subject to different constraints. In order to provide maximum resistance, each part must be designed with optimized material and design for its function in the overall accessory. With the GRADUP range, CODIPRO offers a high-performance and high-security lifting ring.

The instruction manuals and the certificate of conformity of the DSS U 200 UP ring are available via the management and traceability tool CODITRACER. Each DSS U 200 UP lifting ring has an individual traceability number. This number simply has to be entered into the tool to access all information related to the rings, such as the instruction manuals, technical data sheets or the certificates of conformity.

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