Swivel lifting ring MEGA.DSS U 375 UP


The MEGA DSS U 375 UP universal lifting ring is specially designed for lifting and turning under loads up to 50 tons per lifting ring. The MEGA DSS U 375 UP can be used directly with the bridge crane.

The lifting ring MEGA DSS U 375 UP is made of a lifting ring in GRADUP steel, which guarantees the high quality of the material. In order to guarantee the safety of the user, it is subjected to a series of very strict controls (test load pull, breaking load pull, etc.).

Thanks to the close collaboration of its design office and several European Research Centers, CODIPRO pays a lot of attention to the research and development of its products. Always listening to the market and to the evolution of the needs, the R&D department is working on the continuous improvement of the resistance of the materials and on the development of new lifting rings. The new GRADUP range is the result of this permanent innovation.

In order to follow the path of the MEGA DSS U 375 UP ring from shipment to use, through the intermediate stages of distribution, you can use the management and traceability tool CODITRACER. The CODITRACER is available on Google Play and App Store and allows you to access the technical information and the documents based on a reference number engraved on the lifting ring.

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