Swivel lifting ring SEB M 36 UP


The swivel eye nut SEB M 36 UP lifting ring is equipped with an automatic straightening system which guarantees an optimal orientation in the sling direction.

The swivel eye nut SEB M 36 UP is a single eye bolt. It consists of a GRADUP steel ring.

The GRADUP range has been especially developed to take full advantage of the quintessence of a swivel lifting ring, especially in terms of material quality. Recommended by internationally renowned research centers, CODIPRO’s design office has selected the noblest steels for the best compromise between elastic strength, breaking strength and fatigue. The EN 1677-1 standard which applies for “lifting accessories in forged steel class 8” is restrictive as to the quality of the steels that can be used. With its innovative GRADUP range, CODIPRO goes further by using higher performance steels.

Each swivel eye nut SEB M 36 UP lifting ring has an individual traceability number. Simply enter this number in the CODITRACER traceability tool to have access to all the information related to the ring (instruction manual, technical data sheet, certificate of conformity, etc.).

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