Swivel lifting ring SS.FE.DSS M 24


The SS.FE.DSS M 24 stainless steel universal female lifting ring is especially designed for lifting and turning heavy loads. Its stainless steel version can be used in humid, corrosive, chemical, marine environments, … The SS.FE.DSS M 24 stainless steel female lifting ring also has a very large shackle opening.

As all female lifting rings in our range, the swivel lifting ring SS.FE.DSS M 24 can also be used with threaded parts in different lengths.

CODIPRO has a complete range of swivel lifting rings entirely in 316L stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is a “low carbon” version, with less carbon than in other types of stainless steel, which avoids the formation of carbides.

CODIPRO guarantees the respect of particularly short production and shipping times thanks to its large stock of stainless steel swivel lifting rings.

All SS.FE.DSS M 24 lifting rings have a safety coefficient of 4 and 5, which means that their breaking load is four or five times higher than the capacity indicated on the data sheet.

Thanks to our design office, all our stainless steel lifting rings can also be made to measure according to your needs: specific thread, spacer, centering, …

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