Double swivel lifting point DSP

The DSP double swivel lifting point provides the option of adapting other lifting accessories: passing a cable or rope through it, placement of a ring with a large eye for using hooks that are disproportionate to the lifting ring,…

With its double swivel action, the DSP ring can be perfectly aligned with the sling. It consists of a steel ring that has a rotating range of 360°.

DSP models have a safety factor of 5, which means that their breaking load is five times greater than the capacity indicated in the technical sheet.

Backed by its design department, CODIPRO is able to design customised lifting rings for specific needs.

Each swivel lifting ring is delivered with a user manual and a certificate of compliance. They are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified in keeping with essential safety requirements.


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(Reference – SF 5.1)


(Reference – SF 5.1)