Stainless steel universal double swivel shackle SS.DSS – SS.FE.DSS

The SS.DSS stainless steel lifting ring is a double swivel ring. It is specially designed for simultaneously lifting and rotating loads. Its double swivel action ensures perfect alignment with the sling.

The SS.DSS model consists of a stainless steel ring that provides maximum corrosion resistance and has a rotating range of 360°.

All SS.DSS lifting rings have a safety factor of 4 and 5, which means that their breaking load is four or five times greater than the capacity indicated in the technical sheet.

The female version (FE.SS.DSS) of the SS.DSS model is also available.

Backed by its design department, CODIPRO is able to design customised lifting rings for specific needs.

Each swivel lifting ring is delivered with a user manual and a certificate of compliance. They are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified in keeping with essential safety requirements.


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(Reference – SF 5.1)


(Reference – SF 5.1)


(Reference – SF 5.1)


(Reference – SF 5.1)