KNOW-HOW AND TECHNIQUE to develop the best Lifting Rings

The CODIPRO research department, always listening to the market and keeping an eye on its trends, works constantly to improve and develop its range of swivel lifting rings.

Discover the different components developed to facilitate and optimize the use of CODIPRO lifting rings.

CODIPRO: hoist ring with centring


  • Reinforcement of the weakest point at 90°
  • Higher WLL at 90° angle
  • Increases the shearing off diameter
  • No price increase
  • Available on models DSR / DSS / SEB / TSR / DSP / DSH
CODIPRO: hoist ring for lashing


  • Double use: lashing + lifting
  • Double marking LC & WLL
  • Slight extra cost
  • Available on the whole range
CODIPRO: hoist ring with RFID


  • Optimum identification and traceability
  • Easy integration into all CODIPRO lifting rings
  • Quick and efficient data reading, tracking and management
  • Cost-savings and shorter control time
  • Process reliability
CODIPRO: torque key for SEB


  • Easy tightening
  • Allows to apply the recommended torque value
  • Adapted for torque spanners
  • Corrosion protection
  • 3 sizes available
  • For SEB models M8 to M24
CODIPRO: hoist ring with blocking spring


  • Allows the shackle to be maintained in its position
  • No hindrance to the rotation of the ring during lifting process
  • Available on models DSR / DSS / DSP / DSH / TSR
CODIPRO: adhesive protective washer for hoist ring


  • Insignificant lever arm thanks to its thickness of 250 μm
  • No scratches or paint removal thanks to the proper bolt tightening
  • Easy to replace in case of excessive wear
  • Optional with the DSR lifting rings