The adhesive protective washer (SCP)

The adhesive protective washer (SCP)


CODIPRO introduces an easy way to protect a load to be lifted from damage: the adhesive protective washer (SCP).

Delivered in a pack of 10 washers along with the instruction manual, the adhesive protective washer (SCP) simply has to be applied to the cleaned base of the ring in order to avoid scratches or paint removal from the piece to be lifted.

As an option for DSR swivel lifting rings, the adhesive protective washer SCP is easily replaceable in case of excessive wear and is only 250 μm thick, which does not significantly change the lever arm length.

Always attentive to the market and the latest trends, CODIPRO’s Research Department is constantly working on technical enhancements for its extensive range of swivel lifting rings. This is only one of the many advantages of working with CODIPRO.