The new EXPERT charter

The new EXPERT charter


The first “EXPERT CHARTER” published in 2014, laid the foundation for a lasting relationship between user, distributor and CODIPRO. This loyalty to the EXPERT was strengthened by the 2017 version.

Referred to as EXPERTS, CODIPRO distributors enjoy a framework whose content is described in this charter. Privileges reserved for EXPERT distributors allow them to stand out in a very competitive swivel lifting rings market.

In the 2019 version of the CHARTER, CODIPRO wishes to strengthen loyalty ties that bind it to its EXPERTS. Simpler classification and refined privileges and new concepts that allow us to remain competitive in industry 4.0.

CODIPRO experts are now classified into four categories based on the percentage obtained with the CODIPRO ranking system. In descending order: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Crystal.

There are two essential changes for our EXPERTS. Platinum + EXPERTS have the right to participate in CODIPRO DAYS, two days of meetings and networking held in Wiltz. Next, Platinum +, Platinum and Gold + EXPERTS can appoint a CODIMASTER within their company. After receiving specific training, this CODIMASTER employee will be regarded as the CODIPRO brand ambassador for the EXPERT.”, says Christophe Losange, CODIPRO Director.

Among other developments:

  • In addition to receiving an official distribution authorisation letter, EXPERTS can use official distributor badges created for the occasion:

CODIPRO: new EXPERT charter - badge platinum plus CODIPRO: new EXPERT charter - badge platinum CODIPRO: new EXPERT charter - badge gold plus

  • Prior to this, only Platinum + and Platinum EXPERTS received an annual report that contained data to analyse the outcome of the collaboration. Now, Gold + also receive a “light” annual report.

Please note that CODIPRO plans to establish a network of advance stocks around the globe. For more information on the “CODIPRO EXPERT CHARTER”, do not hesitate to contact us.