A new shackle format available for the SS.SEB!

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At CODIPRO, we are proud to present our latest innovation: the SS.SEB with a more compact shackle. This stainless steel lifting ring is an extension of our existing SS.SEB range, directly responding to customer requests for a lighter and corrosion-resistant ring.

Lightweight and stainless

The SS.SEB is specially designed in stainless steel, ensuring unmatched corrosion resistance. This feature makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including food environments, white rooms, and any other space where cleanliness is paramount.

Available thread sizes

In addition to the existing models (M12, M16, M20, and M24), the range expands with no fewer than five new references: three metric models (M8, M10, and M12) and two UNC models (3/8” and 1/2”).

Versatile and ergonomic

Equipped with an automatic straightening system, the SS.SEB offers optimal orientation in the direction of the sling, facilitating lifting operations. Its versatile design allows for use in all lifting configurations, whether straight lifting, with angle, tilting, or rotation, with a 360-degree rotation.

Certifications and traceability

The SS.SEB lifting ring is certified compliant with EN1677-1, clearly indicating the Working Load Limit (WLL) and the tightening torque. Additionally, like all our lifting rings, it is manufactured in strict compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and is traceable thanks to a unique traceability code, providing our customers with total peace of mind regarding its quality and origin.


With this new SS.SEB format, CODIPRO continues to push the boundaries of innovation in industrial lifting. This new addition to our product range demonstrates our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the SS.SEB and discover how it can meet your specific lifting needs, contact us today!

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