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CODIPRO, the global specialist in swivel lifting rings

From single items to large batches, from standard to specific, CODIPRO manufactures and sells a complete range of swivel lifting rings for many sectors such as the molding industry, material handling, transport, logistics, the shipbuilding industry, offshore, lifting, aeronautics and wind power. Thanks to a simple, double or triple articulation, CODIPRO’s swivel lifting rings can be used in all directions and positions.

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  • GRADUP steel | CODIPRO

CODIPRO’s advantages

  • In order to guarantee quick deliveries (shipment within 24 hours) and punctuality, CODIPRO has a large quantity of standard lifting rings in stock. The references mentioned in the catalog are always in stock. Most of the specific rings are available quickly (maximum 1 week).

  • CODIPRO offers certified and engraved lifting rings with safety coefficient 5 in order to use them all over the world, including North America. CODIPRO also provides all the information to use them with a safety coefficient 4 as defined in the EN 1677-1 standard.

  • The GRADUP lifting rings are designed to lift heavy loads, from 0.07 to 125 tons, which must be tilted or turned over. Thanks to a swivel range of up to 360°, GRADUP lifting rings can support the entire load in any mounting position. The engraving of the tightening torque on each ring prevents the risk of twisting and breaking the screw.

More information

  • The optimized raw materials enables a significant improvement in WLL: up to 11 % higher WLL (23% in safety factor 4).

  • An anti-corrosion coating means that the unpainted parts of the CODIPRO swivel lifting rings are resistant to salt mist spray for 600 hours.

  • The tightening torque, the CE marking and the WLL are engraved on all the lifting rings of the GRADUP range. This limits the risk of misuse.

  • The external design of the GRADUP rings is 100% compatible with the existing specifications. They are simply more efficient.

  • GRADUP steel | CODIPRO

A full range of swivel lifting rings

CODITRACER A management and traceability tool | CODIPRO

A traceability and management tool for CODIPRO’s lifting rings

CODITRACER is a management and traceability tool that ensures the traceability of the lifting ring in each step of its way: at the production of the parts, during the assembly, distribution and use of the lifting ring.

Developed on the basis of Blockchain technology, CODITRACER aims to guarantee the authentication of lifting rings and to facilitate the availability of the associated documents.



  • Training

    Lifting is a more and more regulated profession and concerns the choice, the verifications, the conditions of use, the maintenance of the equipment and the training of the staff. CODIPRO provides its distributors and end customers with different training formulas adapted to their needs.

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    Training | CODIPRO
  • Technical support

    Technical Developers

    CODIPRO’s will is to answer to specific needs related to different activity sectors. CODIPRO’s Technical Developers offer a technical consulting service in the lifting field. In collaboration with the users of lifting rings, they evaluate the risks linked to lifting operations and develop customized solutions.

    The design office

    Always attentive to the market and to the evolution of needs, CODIPRO’s design office works on the continuous improvement of material resistance and the development of new lifting rings.

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    Technical support | CODIPRO
  • Warranty

    CODIPRO’s lifting rings are synonymous with innovation, quality and exceptional performance. For GRADUP lifting rings, CODIPRO offers an additional advantage: a 7-year warranty. This warranty can be requested via the CODITRACER management and traceability tool and covers standard references manufactured from January 1, 2020.

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    7-year warranty | CODIPRO
  • Inspection & reconditioning

    CODIPRO’s lifting rings are manufactured in compliance with the EN1677-1 standard. This means that they comply with the essential safety requirements and are subject to very strict regular inspections. CODIPRO therefore offers an inspection and repair service for its lifting rings.

    Inspection & reconditioning | CODIPRO


A distribution network specialized in lifting material | CODIPRO

A distribution network specialized in lifting material

CODIPRO has chosen to supply users of lifting rings through a distribution network in order to ensure a presence in more than 60 countries worldwide. Selected distributors, qualified as EXPERTS, are companies that can offer a wide range of lifting accessories.

Would you like to join the network of international Experts and distribute CODIPRO’s lifting rings in your country?

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