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A quality distribution network specialized in lifting equipment


CODIPRO supplies its swivel lifting rings via a network of distributors.

Our carefully chosen parters called EXPERTS are companies that offer you a large range of lifting accessories.

In order to guarantee the quality of the information provided to the ring users, technical trainings are regularly given by CODIPRO’s sales department.


A quality distribution network specialized in lifting equipment | CODIPRO

Exclusive privileges

  • EXPERT Charter

    CODIPRO has decided to support its loyal distributors to help them increase their sales.

    CODIPRO is taking out this innovative approach whilst respecting its values: honesty, professionalism and transparency.

    CODIPRO’s distributors benefit from a special support described in the “CODIPRO Expert Charter”. Depending on their status (Platinum – Gold – Silver – Crystal), privileges are granted to EXPERTS in order to distinguish themselves on the very competitive market of swivel lifting rings.

    EXPERT Charter | CODIPRO
  • Trainings

    CODIPRO offers face-to-face and/or digital trainings that allow the EXPERT to improve his technical and commercial skills and thus increase his turnover.


    Divided into 13 modules, the workshop program offers the EXPERTS the possibility to update their technical knowledge on CODIPRO’s lifting rings in order to better present their advantages to users.

    Which ring should be used for a specific lift? When and how to check a ring? How to position CODIPRO against the competition? So many questions that the CODIPRO team wanted to answer in all transparency.
    The workshops are interactive and give the participants the opportunity to intervene, to interact with the trainer or even to discuss the challenges encountered on their markets.

    Whether online, in our Training Center or at our customers’ sites, our training team is flexible and available!

    Discover the workshops
    Trainings | CODIPRO
  • EXPERT Portal

    The Expert portal, dedicated exclusively to the EXPERTS network, gives access to all the marketing tools necessary to promote CODIPRO products.

    In a few clicks, the EXPERTS can discover different supports (catalog, technical data sheets, photos, videos, etc.) and access CODIPRO’s expertise.

    It helps EXPERTS in a fast and targeted way, by providing them with a platform that gathers all the necessary elements in one place, whether for a showroom, a presentation, a training or a trade show.

    Access the EXPERT Portal

    The EXPERT, according to his status, is granted the privilege to designate his CODIMASTER. After having followed a specific training, this CODIMASTER employee will be considered as the ambassador of the CODIPRO brand at the EXPERT.

    The CODIMASTER benefits from:

    • a privileged treatment for the technical files
    • a personalized support by CODIPRO’s Technical Developer
    • the possibility to receive news on CODIPRO’s technical-commercial life first
    • the possibility to check and control the lifting rings on behalf of CODIPRO
    • a specific material kit: the CODIMASTER BOX
    • How to become a CODIMASTER?
    • The employee must work for an EXPERT company of Platinum +, Platinum or Gold + category and follow the CODIMASTER training.

    Since 2019, CODIPRO invites Platinum+ EXPERTS to participate in the CODIPRO DAYS.
    Organized every two years in September, these days of meetings strengthen the relationship between the EXPERT and CODIPRO but also focusses on networking between EXPERTS.

    In 2021, this event was organized online in a professional studio. It was the opportunity for the EXPERTS to discover the new EXPERT charter, the novelties and future projects of the company, but also to participate in discussing future innovations.




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Technical Developer | CODIPRO

Technical Developers

Every company has its own specific lifting needs. It is not always easy to choose the most suitable and cost-effective lifting accessory. Our Technical Developers are available to answer your questions and offer technical advice on lifting. They assess the risks associated with lifting operations and develop tailor-made solutions.

They help you to draw up specifications and guide you in the choice of suitable equipment. They also offer training on lifting.

CODIPRO’s Technical Development missions:

  • Evaluation of the risks linked to lifting operations
  • Professional and transparent technical advice for specific lifting operations
  • Study and realization of specific products
  • Development of customized solutions with elaboration of personalized specifications
  • Training in the field of lifting
  • Presentation of the specificities of our products.

The design office

Thanks to its internal design office, CODIPRO can answer all specific requests in the lifting field, whether to design a customized lifting ring, to manufacture a customized accessory, to propose the right equipment or to adapt a standard product.

Always attentive to the market and to the evolution of needs, the design office also works on the continuous improvement of the material resistance and the development of new lifting rings.

CODIPRO’s design office:

  • studies specifications
  • carries out modeling (stress analysis, dynamic simulation, …)
  • carries out the physical tests (proof load traction, rupture & fatigue)


The design office | CODIPRO



Worldwide presence


A quality distribution network specialized in lifting equipment | CODIPRO


via Dante Alighieri, 97 B
20096 Limito di Pioltello (MI)
Tel: +39 02 36797310


25702 Aldine Westfield Rd. Suite 1201
Spring, TX 77373
Tel: +1 281-795-2608


LIFTEUROP offers a wide range of quality products, including the STAS brand | CODIPRO


In order to offer a more complete range to its EXPERTS, CODIPRO works in close collaboration with its sister company LIFTEUROP, manufacturer of lifting equipment and accessories. LIFTEUROP offers a wide range of quality products, including the STAS brand.

Discover the LIFTEUROP products
Sébastien DEBLIRE - Key Account Manager | CODIPRO

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