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CODIPRO, the expert for specific swivel lifting rings


CODIPRO adapts to your needs: specific bolt, thread, spacer, customization of your lifting rings or other exclusive requests.

Your guarantee:

  • Short manufacturing lead time (1 week maximum)
  • Manufactured by the piece
  • Certified solutions


CODIPRO designs and manufactures articulated safety lifting rings. | CODIPRO

A solution for every problem

  • Specific thread? | CODIPRO

    CODIPRO manufactures specific threads: metric, round, non-metric or gas cylindrical, in millimeters or inches, with a fine or regular thread. These threads can be made in a short time of maximum 6 days (excluding transport).

    • Click here to see the table of common threads
    • Other specific threads available on request


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    Double centering | CODIPRO

    The double centering system allows to fix the lifting ring through a smooth hole (bore) and to guarantee a perfect stability of the ring with the part to be lifted.

    • No oversizing
    • Protected threading
    • Increased shear strength of the bolt
    • Delivered with nut


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    The use of a bell type lifting ring is similar to that of female rings. However, the bell type lifting ring is specially designed for a threaded hole with a large diameter and a small load to lift.

    • Available for all types of threads
    • No oversizing of the ring


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    A lifting ring with a spacer is the ideal solution when the geometry of the part to be lifted prevents the shackle from moving properly.

    • Click here to see the standard range with spacer
    • Customized spacer available on request
    • Available on all the CODIPRO range


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    The thread adaptor (ADA) allows the use of a lifting ring with a smaller model than the customer’s thread.

    • Non oversized ring
    • Click here to see the standard threads available
    • Specific adaptor available on request
    • Ring can be used for 2 threads


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    Each CODIPRO lifting ring is engraved with the individual traceability number, the WLL and the tightening torque. In addition, CODIPRO can produce customized engravings according to the customer’s specific requirements.

    • Laser engraving
    • Available for the entire CODIPRO range
    • ALITAG (force plate) available on request


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    CODIPRO adapts to the customer’s request and offers different types of surface treatment. On request and by specifying the color code, it is possible to offer a different shackle color.

    • Available surface treatments: black/white zinc plating – yellow bichromate zinc plating – specific paint – nickel plating
    • Other surface treatments available on request


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    CODIPRO offers a whole series of various applications adapted to specific needs. All custom-made systems developed by CODIPRO are approved.


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CODIPRICER: your online quote generator

Get the price of a specific lifting ring, free of charge and at any time!

With CODIPRICER, you can:

  • Calculate the price of your customized lifting ring free of charge, 24/7 and in complete autonomy
  • Automatically receive technical information on lifting rings
  • Keep a history of your previous quotations
  • Improve responsiveness by overcoming time zone differences


Technical Developer | CODIPRO

Technical Development

Every company has its own specific lifting needs. It is not always easy to choose the most suitable and cost-effective lifting accessory. Our Technical Developers are available to answer your questions and offer technical advice on lifting. They assess the risks associated with lifting operations and develop tailor-made solutions.

They help you to draw up specifications and guide you in the choice of suitable equipment. They also offer training on lifting.

CODIPRO’s Technical Development missions:

  • Evaluation of the risks linked to lifting operations
  • Professional and transparent technical advice for specific lifting operations
  • Study and realization of specific products
  • Development of customized solutions with elaboration of personalized specifications
  • Training in the field of lifting
  • Presentation of the specificities of our products.

The design office

Thanks to its internal design office, CODIPRO can answer all specific requests in the lifting field, whether to design a customized lifting ring, to manufacture a customized accessory, to propose the right equipment or to adapt a standard product.

Always attentive to the market and to the evolution of needs, the design office also works on the continuous improvement of the material resistance and the development of new lifting rings.

CODIPRO’s design office:

  • studies specifications
  • carries out modeling (stress analysis, dynamic simulation, …)
  • carries out the physical tests (proof load traction, rupture & fatigue)


The design office | CODIPRO



CODIPRO’s GIGA DSS can lift loads up to 125 tons!



20 % of our production is custom-made according to the specific needs of the customer.



The realization of a customized part is done in only 3 days!

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