Discover the QLR: Innovation at the service of efficiency.

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When it comes to industrial lifting, every second counts. At CODIPRO, we take pride in being pioneers in the development of the QLR lifting ring, also known as the Quick Lift Ring, an innovation that offers unparalleled mounting speed.

What is the QLR lifting ring?

The QLR lifting ring is a revolution in the world of industrial lifting. Featuring a double swivel, it allows for mounting at an unmatched speed. By simply pressing a push button, it instantly locks into the threaded hole with a single click. Its ingenious mechanical system, based on a spring, eliminates any time loss associated with screwing in a standard lifting ring.

QLR advantages:

  • Remarkable time savings: Screw-in takes only 4 seconds compared to the 20 seconds required for a standard lifting ring. This represents a time saving of up to 80%. Furthermore, our study shows a return on invest after only 50 mounting cycles.
  • Versatility and reliability: The QLR offers 360° rotation and 180° tilting, providing unparalleled flexibility in all lifting configurations. Its ability to pivot under load ensures secure handling of loads, even in the most complex situations.
  • Adaptable design: Available in metric or UNC threading, in steel or stainless steel, the QLR adapts to a variety of lifting applications and needs, thus ensuring a customized solution for every project.
  • Marking and traceability: Each ring is individually marked, providing full traceability. This approach ensures the quality and safety of each piece, meeting the strictest standards.
  • Superior quality and ease of maintenance: Part of the GRADUP range and compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the QLR lifting ring is made with high-quality materials, ensuring maximum durability. Furthermore, its design without circlips or ball bearings ensures simplified maintenance and long-term performance.

The QLR lifting ring is more than just a lifting tool. It is an innovative solution that optimizes efficiency, safety, and reliability in all your industrial lifting operations. Don’t waste time with traditional methods anymore and discover the power of QLR for your business today.


For more information on the QLR and our other products, feel free to contact us. At CODIPRO, we are here to meet all your industrial lifting needs.

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