How to become a CODIMASTER

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We recognize the importance of cultivating strong relationships with our EXPERT partners. With this in mind, we have developed the CODIMASTER program, which offers employees of EXPERT companies the opportunity to become ambassadors of our brand while enhancing their expertise and relationship with their customers. But what are the criteria to become a CODIMASTER?

Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible for the CODIMASTER program, the employee must be affiliated with an EXPERT company of Platinum+, Platinum, or Gold+ status and complete the dedicated training.

CODIMASTER training:

This intensive training takes place over two full days at our facilities in Wiltz, Luxembourg, where participants will benefit from full immersion in the Codipro universe.

  • In-depth theoretical training on our products, sales strategy, and company vision.
  • A practical session including the production and verification control of the lifting rings, providing a concrete understanding of our manufacturing and quality control processes.
  • Accommodation is provided by Codipro to ensure participants’ comfort and concentration.
  • A theoretical and practical test to assess the understanding and skills acquired throughout the training.

But the training does not stop there. Participants must also organize two days of visits to at least five end customers selected by themselves, allowing them to directly apply their knowledge in the field and strengthen their relationship with their professional network.

The benefits of CODIMASTER:

The benefits of the CODIMASTER program are numerous and designed to value and support our EXPERT partners.

  • Priority handling of technical files, ensuring a quick and effective response to their needs.
  • Personalized support from our Technical Developer, who will assist them in their commercial and strategic approach.
  • Exclusive information on Codipro’s technical and commercial activities, keeping them at the forefront of their field.
  • The ability to verify and control the lifting rings on behalf of Codipro, thereby enhancing their credibility and authority with their customers.
  • A specific equipment kit, the CODIMASTER-BOX, including the tools and resources necessary to carry out their missions.


At the end of the process, participants will be awarded a CODIMASTER certificate, valid for two years and renewable. This certification attests to their expertise and commitment as ambassadors of the Codipro brand, but above all, it symbolizes a relationship of trust and fruitful collaboration between Codipro and its EXPERT partners.

Together, we are stronger. Join us in this adventure and become a CODIMASTER! 🚀

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