Understanding safety factors: Safety at the core of CODIPRO’s lifting rings

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At CODIPRO, safety is our top priority. In this article, we will explore the differences between safety factors 4 and 5, and explain their significance in the marking of our lifting rings.

What is a safety factor?

A safety factor measures the level of safety established by the manufacturer between the rated Working Load Limit (WLL) to be observed and the breaking load of the lifting element.

European and American legislation:

All lifting rings have safety factors of 4 and 5, meaning their breaking load is four or five times higher than the capacity indicated in the technical data. In Europe, legislation requires a minimum safety factor of 4 for lifting rings, while in the United States, this factor is set at 5. These differences in standards reflect varying safety regulations in these regions, but our commitment to safety remains constant across all markets.

Ensuring user safety:

Safety factors are crucial to ensuring the safety of users of our lifting rings. They serve to protect operators from risks associated with unknown or unexpected loads. For example, a customer may not know the exact weight of their load. The safety factor provides them with an additional margin of safety, allowing them to work with confidence.

Understanding the safety factor:

The safety factor indicates a lifting ring’s ability to withstand loads that are multiples of its rated capacity. For example, if a lifting ring can lift one ton with a safety factor of 4, it means it can support up to four tons before failing. The same principle applies for a safety factor of 5.

At CODIPRO, we are committed to providing products of the highest quality and ensuring the safety of our customers. Our lifting rings undergo rigorous testing and comply with the strictest standards, ensuring reliable performance and maximum protection for operators.

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