CODIPRO has launched its NEW website!

CODIPRO has launched its NEW website!


The launch of the new GRADUP range was the perfect occasion to update our website We are proud to announce that the new version of our website is live! This new and fully redesigned version is modern, practical, comprehensive and user friendly.

It is currently an essential tool for marketing our swivel lifting rings. We have completely revamped our website based on our customers’ feedback, starting with its structure.

Our rings are still categorised by model (SEB, DSR, DSS, etc.), but we have set up an advanced search system. Thus, the site recommends which ring to chose based on your criteria: thread type (metric or UNC), load weight and lifting angle. “Our website had not been redesigned since 2010. We needed a clearer and more refined website, in line with the new GRADUP product range and current means of communication,” says Christophe Losange, Director of CODIPRO.

You can now access all possible specific requirements for your swivel lifting rings in one click in the “Customized” tab. There you will find, for example, special bolt lengths, spacers, special threads, surface treatments, etc.

The website also has a specific space for CODIPRO distributors, who are called EXPERTS. “Our partners have privileged access to this part of the website. Here they can find information on availability and stock level, pictures, etc.,” explains Pauline Piron, Marketing Coordinator.

Addition of a “Quality and Safety” tab

Director Christophe Losange considers that “With this new tab, we wanted to highlight our company’s and Group’s policy in terms of quality, environment, sustainable development, and well-being at work. These values have been ours for a long time and are dear to CODIPRO. It was clear we had to create this tab. In addition, it sets us apart from copies and other low-cost products.

A website in line with current affairs

Geared to lifting and handling professionals, general mechanic companies, companies active in the “mold industry” (production or use of plastic or metallic injection molds), and heavy or large machinery manufacturers, among others, this new website adopts a decisively lighter and more modern look, while staying extremely comprehensive!

Browsing has truly been simplified for end users, for our distributors and for those who aren’t familiar with our rings yet. Our website is now more a tool for the customer than a sales brochure to present our company,” says Christophe Losange.

The website is available in French, English, German, and Spanish, and we are convinced that you’re going to like it. Don’t wait any longer to discover it! Have a nice visit!