Discover the new features of CODITRACER!

Discover the new features of CODITRACER!


CODITRACER, the lifting ring management and traceability tool that CODIPRO launched in June 2020, is now available in version 2.0:

  • in 15 different languages
  • with an integrated search engine (in the web version) to find the rings among all your lifting rings
  • with a “transfer” function for invoices
  • etc.

Would you like to know more about CODITRACER? Here are the main benefits:

  • CODITRACER gives access to all documents related to CODIPRO lifting rings: the instruction manual, the certificate of conformity, the technical data sheet, the control procedure, the lifting angle table, the CODITRACER video, etc.
  • Supported by BLOCKCHAIN technology, the CODITRACER allows the traceability of the rings from the launch of the GRADUP range until today. Thus, all the data are recorded and easily accessible
  • This technology makes the authentication of CODIPRO products reliable and unfalsifiable. It guarantees the original character of the products to the customers and fights against counterfeiting
  • The documents essential to the users of rings are accessible by all and at any time
  • The dematerialization of documents leads to a suppression of the paper support and thus to a reduction of the carbon footprint (environmental directive 2018/852)
  • The tool is made available free of charge

The CODITRACER app is available on Google Play and App Store!