Experts speak for us (video): Rocky Galati

Experts speak for us (video): Rocky Galati


CODIPRO is promoting the sale of its swivel lifting rings via a network of quality distributors, referred to as “EXPERTS”. Veritable ambassadors for the CODIPRO brand, EXPERTS are found all around the world.

Many distributors make the long journey to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to tour CODIPRO’s facilities and workshops, based in Wiltz. The company took this opportunity to ask its EXPERTS what they think about the collaboration and CODIPRO.

Recently, Rocky Galati, Director General of Townley Drop Forge in Australia, visited CODIPRO. Learn how he feels about the company in this video!

A few months ago, our EXPERT from Japan, Rickey Nishide, Chairperson of Far East Industrial Inc., spoke about CODIPRO.

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