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The GRADUP range has been espacially developed by CODIPRO. GRADUP lifting rings offer improved WLL and have a special anti-corrosion coating.

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The double swivel ring DSR has been especially designed to guarantee liftings under load. Its double articulation allows it to line up perfectly with the sling.

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With a WLL of up to 32,1 tons, the double swivel shackle DSS has been especially designed for liftings and turnings of heavy loads.

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The swivel eye bolt SEB is fitted with an automatic position recovery system for optimum orientation in the direction of the sling.

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With a high WLL per lifting ring, the female double swivel shackle FE.DSS has been especially designed for liftings and turnings of heavy loads. It can be used with threaded parts in different lengths. The shackle of the lifting ring FE.DSS also has a very large hole.

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CODIPRO presents its new corporate video

26/06/2018 : After the launch of the new GRADUP range of products, CODIPRO is pleased to present its new corporate video! One of the objectives was to showcase all of the employees who contribute each day to CODIPRO’s success. “Our EXPERT partners are in regular contact with the external sales force. But we also wanted them to […]

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Laser engraving with CODIPRO

22/06/2018 : CODIPRO is constantly evolving and keeping up-to-date with the latest technological developments in the lifting industry. Over the past few weeks, a new machine has been installed in our workshops. It will improve product quality and our company’s service! Each swivel lifting ring that leaves CODIPRO’s workshops has its own individual traceability number. These were […]

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The GRADUP range of products: a true success story

22/06/2018 : Despite launching a mere 5 months ago, CODIPRO is pleased to note growing market demand and operational performance beyond their expectations. The launch of the GRADUP range of products is a true success story. This new range provides you with numerous benefits: Superior WLL (from 0.07 t to 125.00 t) A tightening torque engraved directly on the axle […]

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