How can the temperature variation impact the WLL of CODIPRO’s lifting rings?

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CODIPRO’s lifting rings are designed to be used between -20°c and +200°c. But what happens if they are used outside this temperature range? What is the impact on their Working Load Limit (WLL)?

Temperature and steel characteristics

The mechanical properties of a steel measured at room temperature can change as the temperature increases or decreases. Thus, a steel can deform more rapidly at high temperature. At low temperature, the impact resistance is altered: the energy required to break a standard specimen by impact decreases with temperature.

How can the temperature variation impact the WLL of CODIPRO’s lifting rings

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In practical terms, this means that at low temperatures, steel becomes brittle and can break. At high temperatures, the mechanical characteristics decrease. The crystalline structure of the steel can also be modified, thus changing the mechanical strength of the part.

As stated in the instruction manual, CODIPRO’s lifting rings are designed for use at temperatures between -20°c and +200°c. Used in this temperature range, the lifting operations can be carried out safely, without loss of WLL.

Every component is important

While the steel temperature is very important, the other components that make up the lifting equipment (sling, hook, etc.) must also be considered. Each component is designed for a different operating temperature which can change the resistance of the different materials and therefore their WLL.

How can the temperature variation impact the WLL of CODIPRO’s lifting rings?

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How do CODIPRO’s lifting rings react to temperature variation?

CODIPRO’s lifting rings follow the characteristics of steels with high elastic limits. The variations of the Working Load Limit of CODIPRO’s lifting rings according to the working temperature can be summarized as follows:

  • Below -40°c: not admissible
  • From -40°C to -20°C : 20% loss of WLL
  • From +200°C to +300°C: loss of 10% of the WLL
  • From +300°C to +400°C : loss of 25% of the WLL
  • Above +400°C : not admissible

For any use outside the recommended temperatures or in case of uncertainty concerning the conditions of use, feel free to contact CODIPRO’s design office.

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