Adhesive protective washer SCP

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  • Insignificant lever arm thanks to its thickness of 250 μm
  • Prevents scratches or paint removal
  • Easy to replace in case of excessive wear
  • Optional forDSR and DSS rings


The SCP adhesive protective washer protects the surface of the load to be lifted. Available as an option for the DSR and DSS swivel lifting rings, the SCP adhesive protection washer has to be applied to the cleaned base of the ring to prevent scratching or degradation of the paint on the workpiece.

The SCP reduces the friction coefficient and, thanks to its thin 250 µm thickness, is a safe alternative to the standard polyurethane washer. It is approved for use exclusively on the standard DSR and DSS Gradup ring models and is available in 7 sizes depending on the model.

Sebastian BACCUS - Export Sales | CODIPRO

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