DCInnovation is revolutionizing Codipro’s customer service with a new chat assistant based on generative AI

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new Chat assistant based on generative AI, developed in partnership with DCInnovation. This ambitious project is the result of a continuous and fruitful collaboration between our two companies, marking a key step in our commitment to constantly improve the customer experience.

A Response to Every Question

Codipro’s Chat assistant is now available directly on our website. This tool is designed to answer all your questions in real-time. Through seamless integration, this virtual assistant understands and processes Codipro-specific information, engaging users in natural and personalized conversations. This technology doesn’t just provide answers; it ensures a dynamic, responsive, and efficient dialogue, significantly enhancing your navigation and satisfaction.

Significant Time Savings

The introduction of this Chat assistant represents a real time saver for both you, our customers, and our team. By automating responses to frequently asked questions, we free up our employees for more complex tasks, thus increasing our overall efficiency.

A Trusted Partner

The development of this Chat assistant was made possible thanks to DCInnovation. Specialists in automated communication solutions, DCInnovation offers a range of AI-assisted Chat and Calling services. Their AI expertise was crucial in bringing this project to life. Data is stored in Europe on a European Cloud. Together, we have already completed several projects, including an external Call assistant solution for following up on unpaid invoices. This automates repetitive outbound calls and increases team productivity. Visit their website to learn more about their various solutions: https://www.dcinnovation.lu/.

Towards an Automated Future

This is just the beginning of a series of planned innovations to make our services even more accessible and efficient. Codipro’s Chat assistant embodies our vision of a customer service transformed by technology, where every interaction is optimized for your comfort.

We look forward to seeing you experience this new feature and benefit from its positive impact on your customer experience at Codipro. Visit our website today to see our new assistant in action and let us know how it transforms your interaction with us.

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