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The “PRO” in CODIPRO refers to the professionalism of Mr Lecourt, who had gained experience in the automobile sector, first as a designer and then as a method-control developer. The “COD” in CODIPRO refers directly to one of the rigorous technical systems used in production control: the founder of CODIPRO is fanatical about ‘coding’ his products, providing exhaustive documentation to ensure that they are used properly according to best trade practice.

1978: Screws and bolts and forged parts

The company, with its stocks and workshop in the basement of Mr Lecourt’s house, expanded its standard and custom screw and bolt business, adding representation for standard forged parts.

1989: 1st patent for a swivel ring

CODIPRO was now also selling lifting rings manufactured to the DIN 581 standard, but the end of the 1980s marked the start of production of swivel safety rings under the CODIPRO brand, following registration of its first patent. This swivel ring, unlike a traditional ring, could also carry a load on the side, and not only at the top, without risk.

It stemmed from a call for help from a customer who was worried about lifting machinery weighing 20 tons with equipment that could only support 5 tons. The invention of the founder of CODIPRO could be used to lift 20 tons without risk, and above all to turn in all directions.

1990: An active contribution to occupational safety

As an indirect witness of bad practices in certain factories, resulting in a large number of accidents, the founder of CODIPRO took on the problem of safety, which became the key feature of the brand of rings he produced.
Over time, he refined his first patent and registered three new patents, accompanied by a registered design. As CODIPRO products exceeded the European safety standards in force, Mr Lecourt did not hesitate to attribute a safety factor of 5 to his rings (a ring should start to deform when it lifts five times it theoretical maximum load), where the standard only required a safety factor of 4.

1991: New premises

A year later, CODIPRO left its original premises to invest in one of the eleven brand new buildings constructed by Mr Lecourt on an industrial zone at Changé (on the outskirts of Le Mans). In order to cope with the growth in business in general, and to hold his stocks of screws and bolts and ring components in particular, CODIPRO moved to the largest of these buildings.

1995: 20 years, the age of maturity

CODIPRO has the ability to respond to the most complex needs in record time, while still paying regular visits to the factories of its customers and suppliers in order to evolve in line with their practices.

This enabled it to prevail in mainland France and southern Europe as an unrivalled specialist, not only in screws and bolts, but also in custom safety lifting rings, with only a minimal team (3-4 persons). Its turnover was in the region of 1.7 million euros, broken down as follows: 35% for screws and bolts and 65% for lifting rings. 35% of its turnover was realised abroad, in six European countries.

2004: Buyout with continuity

Mr Lecourt sold CODIPRO to the shareholders of NO-NAIL BOXES, a small Luxembourg-based industrial group whose location at the heart of Europe opened up new horizons, allowing the company to spread out from its historic roots. Six months of fruitful collaboration between Mr Lecourt and the new team in charge sealed the success of the CODIPRO transmission.

2005: Success in two countries

In France, CODIPRO SA continued with its fastener business (screws, bolts, washers, threaded parts) and distributed on its territory the high quality swivel lifting rings, now manufactured at the CODIPROLUX SA site in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (at Warken, near Ettelbruck).

2006: At the technological leading edge

The production of lifting rings moved from Warken to Wiltz, in new buildings housing the industrial activities of the group to which CODIPRO belonged. Two assembly presses, an engraving machine and a test machine occupied 150 m², while a further 300 m² was allocated to storage.

2007: Enhanced R&D policy

In order to meet the rising expectations of its customers and anticipate trends, CODIPRO boosted its research and development capability, setting up an in-house design office and collaborating on a regular basis with the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) concerning the strength of materials and for the development of new products.

2011: Rewarded internationalisation

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Export Guarantee Office gave the first Export Award to CODIPRO. It rewarded its efforts to extend its reach sustainably to the global market. Following its takeover in 2004, the number of countries to which CODIPRO exports has risen from 6 to 32 countries and 11% of its turnover is realized outside Europe.

2012: Well-received results

CODIPRO, which is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CSR certified, celebrates its 37th anniversary with 15 employees, who do everything in their power to provide fast delivery to sectors that include the moulding industry, handling/transport/logistics, shipbuilding, offshore drilling, lifting, aeronautics and wind power.

Since it was taken over in 2004, the company has more than tripled its turnover (1.3 million euros in 2005 – 5 million in 2011) and its annual output of rings has risen from 14,000 to 45,000 units.

Mr Lecourt, the founder of CODIPRO, welcomes these results: “I sold my company to extremely serious people who have developed the business significantly. Without making a break with the past, but using the experience it has accumulated.

Day-to-day business at CODIPRO has always involved resolving its customers’ problems, even the most complex ones, as quickly as possible. In parallel with this fast response time, which requires a stock of materials ready for transformation, technicians capable of working even on non-standard thread cutting systems are also required. Which is in fact the case? The result is that, just like yesterday, today CODIPRO is capable of satisfying a customer who tells it on Friday that it lacks a vital ring for unloading machinery from a truck due to arrive at its site on Monday morning at 8 o’clock”.

2018: Presentation of the new GRADUP product range

At the beginning of 2018, CODIPRO launches a new range of swivel lifting rings: the GRADUP product range. This new range was specially developed based on the market and its trends. It is a major improvement on our products, particularly in the quality of the materials.
By creating the GRADUP brand, CODIPRO is offering breakthrough innovation. Steel quality is the most important feature of a swivel lifting ring. In the world of lifting, it is common to speak in terms of steel class or “grade”. This grade is the most optimal for a chain because the diameter of the chain combined with the material grade provides the lifting capacity.

However, these past few years competition has escalated between manufacturers as to who can offer the highest grade. Even lifting rings of grade 10, 12, 14, etc. have appeared on the market. These designations are not relevant for a multi-component lifting accessory like a swivel lifting ring. Each element is subjected to different constraints. To provide maximum resistance, each part must be developed with an optimized material and design with regard to its function in the accessory as a whole.

This is why CODIPRO wishes to distance itself from this escalation, which is almost solely based on marketing arguments.

2020: CODITRACER, the traceability app

In June 2020, CODIPRO continues to innovate and launches the CODITRACER application. This is a modern and intuitive tool for the management and traceability of swivel lifting rings developed based on blockchain technology. From the ring’s individual traceability number, each user, in each step of the ring’s way, can easily access to technical data (WLL, reference, etc.) and documents (CE certificate, instruction manual, etc.). The blockchain is an innovative, reliable and forgery-proof means of ensuring the traceability of the ring in each step of its way. On the launch of the CODITRACER app, CODIPRO also announced a 7-year warranty on all its standard rings.

Now, CODIPRO, which is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RSE, AEO, Made in Luxembourg and SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber certified, has 36 employees. Since it was taken over in 2004, the company has increased tenfold its turnover (1.3 million euros in 2005 – 10 million in 2019).

2023: CODIPRICER, the online quote generator

In 2023, following on from the CODITRACER project, CODIPRO launches the CODIPRICER online quote generator. This tool enables CODIPRO’s Experts to calculate the price of standard or specific lifting rings instantly and free of charge, online 24/7.

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