MEGA DSS+: The ultimate lifting ring for the heaviest challenges

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At CODIPRO, we understand that complex lifting operations demand the highest quality and reliability of equipment. That’s why we developed the MEGA DSS+ lifting ring, designed to meet the most demanding challenges. Here’s why the MEGA DSS+ stands out as the ideal tool for your lifting needs.

Double swivel for maximum flexibility

The MEGA DSS+ is equipped with a double swivel function, allowing a full 360° rotation and a 180° pivot. This feature ensures perfect alignment at any angle, providing unmatched flexibility for your lifting operations, even under load.

Ultra-resistant and reliable

Made from GRADUP steel, the MEGA DSS+ lifting ring can support impressive loads ranging from 30 tons to 70 tons. It is designed to operate optimally under extreme conditions, with approval for temperatures between -20°C and +200°C.

Adaptability with various sizes

To meet all your lifting needs, the MEGA DSS+ is available in metric threads (from M 64 to M 100) and UNC threads (from 2”3/4 to 4”). This variety of sizes ensures that you will always find the model perfectly suited to your specific requirements.

Certified safety and traceability

Safety is our priority. The MEGA DSS+ complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, with safety factors of 4:1 and 5:1. Each lifting ring is traceable thanks to an individual code, ensuring complete transparency and optimal tracking. The “+” in MEGA DSS+ represents the recent successful completion of new certification tests to upgrade the working load limits, demonstrating its increased robustness and reliability.

Versatility for Professional Applications

Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or any other sector requiring precise and safe handling of heavy loads, the MEGA DSS+ is designed for you. Its versatility and robustness make it the ideal partner for all your lifting operations.


The MEGA DSS+ lifting ring from Codipro is not just lifting equipment; it is your trusted ally for every lifting operation. To learn more about the MEGA DSS+ and discover how it can make your lifting operations safer and more efficient, please contact us!

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