Why is it important to check the tightening torque when assembling CODIPRO lifting rings?

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The tightening torque is the force that must be applied to a screw to assemble two pieces together. The pieces are hold together due to a principle of adhesion.

But what about the tightening torques indicated on the CODIPRO data sheets? Are they mandatory?

The torque wrench: a recommended tightening tool

The tightening torque plays an important role in the use of CODIPRO lifting rings. It ensures that the surface of the base remains in contact with the load after assembly and that the risk of accidentally unscrewing the lifting ring during use is limited.

When tightening, the uncertainty of the applied torque is strongly impacted by the tightening process. It is strongly recommended to use a torque wrench to ensure that the correct torque is achieved. Other alternative tools can also be used, such as an open-end wrench or an Allen key.

Regardless of the tightening tool used, it is important to ensure before each lifting operation that the proper torque is applied and that the base is in full contact with the load. It is also important to assess the risk of unscrewing, given the tightening applied.

The risks of an inappropriate tightening torque

Over- or under-tightening can be risky and put the operators in danger.

  • If the lifting ring is overtightened, the bolt might be damaged
  • Insufficient tightening increases the risk of unscrewing during use and may cause the lifting ring to break
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